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In the city of angels, Charlotte Bowman was anything but a star... until she went missing in April, 1978. She was 29. The wife of a handsome producer with ties to a Los Angles crime family of the 1930s, Joseph Bowman, Charlotte had experienced some fame from her 1973 hit, My Love Shines For You, though it quickly fizzled out.

A mysterious illness thrust her back into the spotlight as magazines and newspapers speculated about her condition, cause, and possible remedy. It built up so much that her husband began to fear that she was worsening her own condition for the attention. He was once described by a nurse as mad with determination to keep the outside world from getting to her. He refused to let anyone come to their Hollywood home or inquire about her state, claiming she had become contagious. He kept all the doors and windows locked to keep out the noise she claimed triggered her migraines and nausea. Even the buzz from the nearby power lines could cause her tremendous pain.

Joseph and Charlotte were married for only a short time before she became sick.

One day Joseph packed their belongings and the two were never seen again. He wrote letters to her family, explaining his need to find out if Charlotte was really sick or if her mental state was the problem, claiming he could do that at a cabin his family once owned. The family had built the property to store illegal alcohol during prohibition and it was rumored that in later years that same basement was used to torture and kill enemies of the family.

When the letters stopped, her family got worried. They reported that the couple had a rocky marriage and claimed their daughter was making plans to leave her husband before their disappearance, but no amount of police power was able to find the couple, alive or dead.

Charlotte's parents were the first to raise an alarm about the missing couple.


The property itself has a torrid history, with bone fragments from no fewer than nine bodies being discovered in the area since the 1920s. No bones have ever been matched to the couple, but the findings cause some to wonder whether the property itself is haunted. If you feel up to the challenge of finding Sickhouse, these are the only directions that exist (as far as I can tell):

to the spot where you play up in the sky
past a resting place for those who lie
drink the last and hang one high
but don't go in lest you wish to die

A hiker once claimed to see a woman wandering along the edge of the Sickhouse woods. She described her as wearing a white dress with visible rope burns and on her wrists. The mystery woman seemed nervous and begged for help, saying her husband had been keeping her captive. While the hiker dialed the police, the woman became agitated, crying out and coughing up blood. The hiker ran for help but there was no sign of anything upon her return with police. Others claim they have fallen ill with various symptoms after being in the area, though most are related to the limbic system and authorities are not able to distinguish the emotional, behavioral, and possible drug related stories from one another. People often speculate as to what happened to the couple; some saying the woman drove the man crazy, or that she was so sick it eventually infected them both. Others hoped Charlotte recovered and they simply moved on to a better life. To this day, people continue to visit Sickhouse and leave behind gifts for Sickwife, some say as tokens of pity for the woman, others say to appease a crazed soul. Although everyone has a story, many questions remain and until Charlotte and Joseph are found, we might never know what really went on at Sickhouse. If youre thinking of making the journey dont forget to honor Sickwife and follow THE RULES:

  • Don't Go Inside: They may be contagious.
  • Don't Make Any Noise: let them sleep
  • Leave a Gift on the Porch: It's only polite


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